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Typing in URLs
Made easy

Got a long URL?
Perhaps a complicated URL?
Let Urly help you.

Simply point Urly at the link you want to open,
let Urly do its magic,
then press launch whenever you are ready.

Don't worry if Urly got it wrong,
you can just edit the parts that are wrong
before launching.

Urly on iPhone 6

Okay, it's cool but...
what about QR codes?

Let us take a look at the differences shall we...


  • Human readable
  • Human creatable
  • Customisable
  • Hard to type in (Urly solves this!)
  • Can be long (TinyURL!)

QR codes

  • Not human readable
  • Not human creatable
  • Ugly
  • Can store long URLs within the same area
  • Easy to access (if you have a scanner)

What's the point of QR codes? I have no idea.
The problem with URLs (was) that it's hard to get it from a poster or some sort of advertisement to someone's internet browser.
That's why we've created Urly to solve that problem!